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Our mission is to make you have fun and learn skills

by playing adventure video games

When creativity comes from all members of our team

  Joy, Creativity and Play

A studio developing video games for PC and consoles

About us

Oligame was founded in 2020 by the entrepreneur Tomer Loubaton, who also serves as the company's CEO.

The company is involved in the art of developing games for computers and consoles. These days, the studio is working on an adventure game for kids with a team of about 15 employees as the company continues to grow and develop.


Oligame is based in Kfar Saba, Israel, and the products it develops target the international market








We are hiring!

3D Generalist 

Responsibilities: We are looking for an experienced 3D gaming Artist that masters all aspects of asset creation, modeling, sculpting, baking, texturing, optimizing and implementing in unity game engine. You will work alongside our amazing art team to create game assets for our new 3D puzzle platformer game. You will be assigned with converting our art directors designs into optimized, textured, game ready 3D models, while Balancing between quality and efficiency in order to get the greatest possible results within the restrictions of time and technology. Requirements: •2+ years of work experience as a 3D game artist •Mastering all aspects of 3d game assets creation: Modeling, retopologizing, UV unwrapping, sculpting, baking •Complete knowledge of texturing in substance painter. •Complete knowledge of Blender. •Having a strong portfolio of previous artworks and projects. •Strong communication skills. •Ability to work under pressure and with strict deadlines. •Ability to communicate in English Advantage: •Knowledge of Unity shader graph. •Animation capabilities. •Knowledge of rigging. •Knowledge of Unity.

Technical Artist

Responsibilities •Creating realtime VFX (shaders\particles) in Unity. •Create and adapt 3d game assets . •Liaising between Dev and the art team, Solving technical challenges and Collaborate closely with the art team to enhance the quality of their work. Requirements •Minimum of 1+ years in the gaming industry. •Excellent proficiency in Unity •Excellent proficiency in Unity’s Shader graph/Amplify shader. •Proficient modeling skill in Blender •Proficient texturing skill in substance painter. •Excellent communication skills and teamwork •Passion for games Advantage: •Scripting and plug-in writing skills with unity and blender.

Future Positions

There are currently no additional positions available - if you wish to enter the candidate database, you Can fill out the form at the link


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Rapaport 3, kfar Saba


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