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It was a great morning- I came up early, took a chair from my home and drove to the office. The man I met in the elevator looked at me with suspicious. What happened? You have never took an elevator while bringing a chair with you?

After meeting only one of the 2 persons I had to meet (someone has to do something with people that stood others up). I came back home, went to Pilates and continued working on employee's job agreement.

I tried talking with an internet service provider called Bezeq (one of the biggest in Israel) but they kept telling me stupid things as: "we don't have optical fibers" (of course you do), "we have maximum speed of 100" (ye right), "Our cloud is not internet based" and then I gave up and decided to find another provider.

It was afternoon when an It services company (another one) said they can come to the office so I took my kid and 2 more chairs so we will be able to sit and talk with the person I meet (One day we won't have anymore chairs in my house). My kid sat on one of the chairs inside the elevator and I wondered where is the man from the morning. In the evening I finally succeeded to buy my company's domain

In the picture- me before entering the elevator on sunset time

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