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Municipal property tax discount journey

עודכן: 6 בינו׳ 2023

I heard that startups suppose to get a discounts in Kfar Saba's municipality so after getting a really high bill I decided to ask for the discount. I called them and they said they will send someone to visit our company.

In the morning the officer called me and said she is in the building but she wants me to come and take her from the parking lot. As I hanged up the phone I heard someone is in the door. I opened it and the woman standing there told me that she is the officer came to see my office. It was odd because no way she is the one who was talking with me on the phone.

She started to go around the office and complain:

You don’t have any furniture (of course we don't. We are in the middle of covid19 and all the stores are closed). She succeeded to find the only desk we have (mine) so she took a picture of it, asked some questions about what we are doing in our company and if we have a site and then went away (Maybe they should give me 100% discount for being empty).

As she went out the first woman from the parking lot called me again and said she cant find the entrance to the parking. I told her someone already came instead of her . She asked if it was Judith. I have no idea what was that lady name but I said "yes". She said "good luck" and I invited her to visit us anytime she would like. Her "yes, thank you" sounded like she ate spoiled food.

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